Media Advertisement analysis report

Media Advertisement analysis report Personally produce a 1500-word report of their behaviour and observances in relation to the media and advertising exposure in their day to day environment. This assignment. you will describe the content of best 15 advertisement you have selected, and also include a visual or URL to help tutors refer to them and then draw conclusions on what you believe constitutes good advertising and why using the relevant academic references. Students use conceptual advertising frameworks learned in class, will critically analyse the collected data, to determine patterns and any matrix for these 15 ads. Advertisements from those analysed, for which the advertising content should be compared with views on successful advertising communication expressed in practice and in the literature. This analysis should conclude with a statement of the student’s personal learning and insights as to what they believe constitutes effective advertising. Advertising Framework: Berbach`s ROI, Maslow`s 5 level needs hierarchy, Richard Vaughn FCB Grid, Content analysis, overthinking,

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