Life-long learning

Life-long learning The lessons learned in the Ice House book can be used your entire life. In this paper, please use your imagination to discuss how you think the Ice House principles can be used at these different stages of life in these different situations. 1. You are young and struggling to find your niche. Everyone else seems to know what they want to do. You feel “behind” and sometimes just want to quit and give up. You procrastinate a lot. You have big dreams but don’t often follow through. How will you figure out your purpose in life? 2. You have a job, but you are miserable. This job is NOT what you want. You had such big dreams and now you are stuck doing this job. Besides, you hate your boss. You feel trapped, you have bills to pay. 3. Your spouse has a good opportunity in another state or country. His or her job is going better than yours. He or she asks you to leave your current job and start over in another city or country. What will you do? 4. You are married and have a child. You feel overwhelmed. How did all this happen so fast. Sometimes you just want to be free again. What can you do? 5. You are having a mid-life mid-career crisis. You finally got a good job, the one you thought you wanted. Everyone is proud of you. But you wonder, is this all there is? But you feel guilty because everyone says you have a good job. Should you throw it all away and do what you always wanted to do? What is it that you always wanted to do? 6. You are older and thinking about retirement. You are not sure how much money you will need. Also, what will you do? You have worked your whole life. What is the purpose of life anyway? What will you do without a job? Who will you be without a job?

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