Job Description/HR Memo

Job Description/HR Memo The intent of this assignment is to have you articulate the value of KM to your organization, determine the skills needed to manage the KM processes and what career opportunities exist in KM both now and in the future. Outcomes: Identification of what KM means to the effectiveness of an organization; The types of skills necessary for a successful career in KM; Research and Identify trends in the KM field; Evaluate how the trends in field will change the organization’s personnel needs; and Demonstrate effective critical thinking and written communication skills. Assignment: You are the manager of GDD’s IT department. Lately the demands put on the IT department for report requests, new software to collect data, store information etc. have doubled. The requests are coming from all over the company and it is overworking the IT department. You are aware that many of these requests could better be handled and filtered if GDD had a KM department of its own. You have been trying to persuade your boss, Mr. Rockfish, to consider the idea and present it to the Board. It occurred to you that one of the ways you might persuade him is instead of hiring another IT person to handle all the new work you have, hire a KM manager. This person would be someone who could handle many of the requests that are overloading IT and would begin to set up basic KM processes for the organization. You are sure that if the right person is hired, and the work is successfully performed and completed, the value that person creates will convince Rockfish of the need to develop a KM department. Further, if the person also had experience that prepared him or her to act on future trends in the field it would help GDD keep its competitive edge with the customers. To this end you have decided to write a short memo to the head of HR, containing a job description for the position you want to fill in GDD’s IT department along with an explanation of the skills, you want the applicants to have and why. In your memo you will include the following information: The function of KM in an organization and its contribution to running an effective and sustainable contemporary business environment; The job tasks they would perform; The KM skills you want your manager to have immediately; The skills they would need to meet KM trends for the future; and An explanation of the reasons for wanting a person with these skills for GDD. Instructions: How to Set Up the Memo Use the format provided here: Workplace Memo Owl English Create a Word or Rich Text Format (RTF) document that is double-spaced, 12-point font. The final product should be 2-3 pages in length, exclusive of the required title and reference pages. Write clearly and concisely. The memo must be typewritten and addressed to Ernestine Borgnine. The body of the memo should consist of a heading for the job description and a heading for the explanation. APA and writing are a focus of this memo and should be executed with the utmost attention to detail. You will need to cite source information as you would need to be ready to explain from where information derived. Should you need help in any these areas of APA or writing, please refer to the APA module located in the content area of the course or ask the professor for guidance. Resources to use in addition to class material: How to write a good job description Careers in Knowledge management What are the top skills for knowledge managers today? Monster Job Posts KM pay scale Knowledge-Manager-Salaries Gurteen Defining the KM career 15 Hot Knowledge Management Trends for 2019 Be sure to read all the instructions at least twice and outline them for success. Include in the outline the rubric language. Additional Requirements for the Assignment Before you begin writing the presentation read the following requirements that will help Under no circumstances should you produce a copied job description. This job position must be designed to meet GDD needs! Be sure to read the company profile.

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