JGM Plumbing Services

JGM Plumbing Services DescriptionThis is a team report (uploaded as a document below) but it is not good at the moment. A group report needs to be submitted, on the following subject: we are CONSULTING for a plumber who wants to grow his business “JGM Plumbing Services”. This is a consultancy report therefore need concepts and theories to explain our answer but not too technical as we need the Plumber to understand it but needs to also tick the box of academic concepts research and referencing for the module tutor! I only want the following parts please: SWOT analysis – 400 words Advertising (Only give a guesstimate at cost of doing the website/platforms and also time required) – 70 words Recommendations – 350 words PLEASE NOTE that this plumber prides himself on “attention to detail” and “top quality jobs”, he would like to be involved mainly with top end/luxurious bathrooms and only works with one top quality tiler and one top quality electrician (tried many in the past and been disappointed). His weaknesses are as he put it he is very slow at typing emails / takes him hours to send a detailed email to a customer so he does this in the evenings after work, and is worried about expanding and then losing his niche market, he doesn’t want to be called to do small jobs (such as can you come and fix a leak? unless it’s related to a job he has done for that customer in which case he has no issue providing follow up customer care). He may be slightly more expensive than other plumbers as he prioritises a “job well done”. Please message me if you need clarifications. 

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