IT Governance and Change Management

IT Governance and Change Management  Course code and name: INTE2412 Governance and Change in Digital Business Assessment name: Assessment Task 2: IT Governance and Change Management Proposal Weight: 40% Case Context In recent years, the Victorian Auditor General’s Office (VAGO) has grappled with problematic governance surrounding ICT projects in government bodies. One of the solutions advocated has involved the implementation of an IT Dashboard system. Two VAGO reports have examined the performance of this solution. Results suggest that lack lustre governance persists. Benefits and impacts from ICT projects Of particular interest to the VAGO has been the struggle of government departments to demonstrate the benefits of their ICT projects. This concern is centred not only on the projects’ initiation stage but on longer term management that should be focusing on benefits realisation. In its Digital Dashboard Phase I project in 2015, VAGO discovered that of the 1,249 projects that had been reported only 1/4 had a benefits realisation plan. Of the benefit plans reviewed, only 1/3 set down the expected benefits and identified measures and related targets (VAGO, 2018 p37). Not surprisingly, VAGO concluded that “agencies involved in the 2015 audit were not able to assure Parliament and the Victorian community that their ICT investments had resulted in sufficient public value to justify the significant expenditure of taxpayers’ money.” (VAGO, 2018, p.7). In its 2018 dashboard report , VAGO subsequently indicated that basic reporting of the numbers of ICT projects and monies expended had improved. Nonetheless, there was still considerable weakness in the reporting about ICT project benefits assessment. VAGO also noted that the new ICT dashboard software tool being rolled out in that year had greater capacity to report on the expected impact that ICT investments have and to track benefits as they are realised. (VAGO, 2018, p.38). Obviously, from a governance viewpoint there is still a need to enhance realisation of benefits reporting. Assessment Task For the purpose of this assignment, assume that you’ve been assigned to design a change management project that seeks to have Victoria’s government departments initiate the VALIT framework . This schema fostered by ISACA (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. seeks to improve investment performance of ICT projects. The VAGO documents report on real factual material about contemporary governance performance. The proposal to initiate VALIT is, however, fictitious. It is an educational device chosen to have you explore a framework that might help reduce current weakness in governance activities. Furthermore, the case offers you an opportunity to design a relevant change management process. What you have to create This individual assessment requires you to design a change management intervention that seeks to address shortfalls in governance practice. Your design needs to consist of element. The element will be a 2,000-word report that describes in more detail the logic and evidence that supports your anticipated change intervention. This report will also be worth 20% of total marks. The proposed intervention needs to be based on Kotter’s change model which is discussed in class. The report structure must be like this: • An introduction – introduce the topic (Using Kotter’s Change Model to implement VALIT) and explain how the video will be structured. • A background to the case–discuss the need to improve the realisation of benefits from ICT investments in the Victorian government. • An overview of VALIT – explain the principles. • A critical analysis of VALIT – categorise particular challenges involved in its use. • Overview of Kotter’s model. • Your Application of Kotter’s model to implement VALIT so as to meet the VAGO’s desire to see improved benefits management. • A conclusion – restate the rationale that underlies your proposed change management plans. The content of the report must be written in two points: First, the Consideration of how VALIT can be used to improve ICT benefits realisation in the circumstances of this case. Second, Detailed Kotter-based Change Management Plan to use VALIT. It does not need to include a reference list. That item will appear in your written report. Kotter 8 step model: 

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