“Is the earth flat?

“Is the earth flat?  Purpose: The primary purpose of this assignment is for you demonstrate the ability to (1) organize a speech (unity and parallelism) and (2) use content that is interesting, accurate, clear, and unbiased. You will demonstrate your ability by composing the 1st Draft of your Informative speech. At this point, it is normal to wonder, “How am I going to come up with enough content for a 3-5 minute speech?” An effective method for coming up with content is called Mind-mapping. See the video below to learn more about the process. Watch this mind-mapping video (or the PowerPoint, see link below). Mind-mapping is an effective technique for generating content for any speech. Creating A Speech Outline Using Mind-mapping. Closed captioning is available. You can also download the Transcript for Mind-Mapping Video.pdf. Preview the document  Actions to follow along with the video. Also, depending on your device, you can enlarge the screen by clicking the *Full screen* icon in the lower right side of the video display window. If the video appears out of focus, change the Settings by clicking the small gear icon (lower right of the display, select Quality, then choose the desired resolution (720p HD works best). Please let me know if you encounter problems with the video. If the above link does not work, copy and paste this URL into your browser’s location bar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2Fv1H08VEk. Part II: Download the Microsoft Word document: Informative Speech Outline Template.docx  Actions 2. Compose your 1st Draft outline using the template. Be sure to fill in the entire template using what you’ve learned from all previous assignments and the mind-mapping presentation. Remember, this speech must be about the assigned topic (see Topic Acknowledgement & Confirmation), found in the email) AND you must use the purpose statement from the 03 Assignment: Determining Purpose and Topic (found in the email). This *First Draft Outline* must: (1) have completed content in all components of the Introduction, Body, and Conclusion; (2) use complete sentences and include ALL of the words you intend to say during your speech; (3) have two (2) main points (4) have at least two (2) sub points (5) have source support of all SPs (place source support in the sub-sub points (S-SPs); (6) cover the supporting and opposing arguments. For example: MP 1. There are two main arguments supporting the theory of… MP 2. There are two main arguments opposing the theory of… (Hint: Remember, this is an informative speech so avoid using language that indicates your opinion or position on the topic. For example DO NOT use Pros/Cons in the purpose statement, in the preview, or in the MP topic sentences. Provide information in a way that lets audience members make up their minds about the issue). (7) be in the format provided in the template (DO NOT submit in essay format). Critical Note: Learning to compose an effective speech can be quite challenging. That is why this *1st draft* assignment exists…you can submit your 1st Draft, receive feedback, revise your draft, and re-submit. Some outlines require only minor revisions (i.e., one re-submission) and some outlines need major rewrites (i.e., multiple re-submissions). The key to your success in this assignment comes from reading and completing ALL previous assignments. Part III: Before submitting your work, check it against the rubric  The topic to be used for the outline it “Is the earth flat? oppose that the earth is not flat.

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