Investment company analysis

Investment company analysis Description Prepare an analysis of the firm’s financial position taking account of the following guidelines: Western Digital Corp. Ratio Analysis ; For each of the firms, obtain the following ratios for each of the last five (5) years, compare to industry average and use them in your analysis; 1. Debt Management: a. Debt Ratio b. Times Interest Earned(TIE) 2.Market Value: a. P/E Ratio b. P/CSHFLOW c. Price/Book d. PE/G Ratio e. Enterprise Value/EDITDA f. Enterprise Value/Sales 3. Asset Management a. Total Asset Turnover (TATO) b. Inventory Turnover Ratio c. Days Sales Outstanding 4. Use at least two of the equity valuation models to forecast the expected price of the stock. This will be used to reinforce your investment decision below. a. Discussion and Analysis : Discuss how the firms are doing compared to the industry with specific reference to a notable firm in that particular industry (e.g. Dream works and Pixar). In the final analysis and discussions, answer whether you will own or short this stock and why (very important).

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