Interpersonal Concept

Interpersonal Concept Description -The PowerPoint presentation should act as a stand-alone project. All the required information should be included on the slides. -Introduce your topic creatively in the first slide(s). Make sure to get approval for your topic selection from the instructor: Interpersonal Concept Selection This first part of the PowerPoint should also include a literature review. In the literature review, students need to define and explain the major concept(s) under study with a minimum of three outside and scholarly sources (e.g., books, journals – NOT unknown websites, dictionaries, Wikipedia,, etc.). Cite your sources on slides that contain information gathered from your research. Make sure to use in-text citations when defining key terms. After the literature review, the PowerPoint should contain a thesis statement. The thesis is the main idea of your project. A thesis is an interpretation of your concept, not the concept itself. It is making an argument. The remainder of the project/slides should illustrate and support/defend the thesis by using evidence gained through further research. A big difference between a power-point project and simply writing a paper is creativity. Power-point projects should contain a strong mix of text and images. Many successful past projects included embedded video and hyperlinks to further illustrate the main points. Every page should be as creative as possible. Include a slide with your sources in APA or MLA format. This project should be at least 25 slides before the slide with your references.

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