Immigration Reform

Immigration Reform Immigration Reform Remember, your goal is to select an issue, take a position, and develop a paper to support that position. Political issues could include discussions on healthcare, immigration reform, American’s marijuana debate, tax reform, religious freedom act, LGBTQ rights, and, etc. If you are unsure of what constitutes a valid political issue, please check with the instructor for guidance in this area. In 5-7 pages, the paper should minimally contain the following sections below and be drafted in APA 6th edition style and format. See the sample APA outline here Brief introduction and thesis statement Introduce the topic to your reader in a brief sentence or two. Include a thesis statement that identifies at least one challenge/problem associated with your chosen topic and also identify a policy you are recommending that will effectively and efficiently address this challenge/issue. Overview of the issue (research including at least 5 references) Briefly address the origins of the contentions surrounding your selected political issue. For instance, if you have opted to take on the marijuana debate, you might begin with the federal government’s designation of marijuana as Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substance Act. Here, you would describe the rationale for such designation and the political discourse this policy has created. Here, your team should take a position on your selected topic. Pointing back to the marijuana debate, you may side with the federal government’s stance on criminalizing marijuana or you might side with the states’ rights position (federalism) on the substance, that is, allow states to administer their own policy in this regard. Rationale for your position (research including at least 5 references) In this regard, you are to justify your stance on your selected topic. For instance, if in favor of the decriminalization of marijuana at the federal level, you should provide, relevant scholarly data to refute the federal government’s belief that marijuana provides no accepted medical use here in the U.S. Further, take note that you are not beholden to addressing the medical use of marijuana, alone. There are, as know, other honorable mentions as to why marijuana should be decriminalized. Effective research, here, as well as it with any of the other topics you have to choose from, will be key in garnering a solid response in this area. Summary, conclusions and recommendations Reiterate your selected political issue, as well as your team’s position on such. Conclude by including a policy recommendation that will effectively and efficiently address this political issue. For example, one might propose that the federal government remove marijuana from Schedule I status on the Controlled Substance Act, or one might propose, in terms of immigration reform, that immigration policy be reformed to allow illegal immigrants, brought to the U.S. as children., to receive U.S. citizenship. Citations that document your research are a critical part of this project. Be sure to identify all the references you use. These should be cited in the text as well as the References list. See the Tools and Resources page for more information and resources about APA format, to include information on a sample outline

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