If Beale Street Could Talk & Cloud Atlas Narrative Principles

If Beale Street Could Talk & Cloud Atlas Narrative Principles This paper requires that you formulate an argument based on the connection between one of our five narrative principles (characters, setting, plot, conflict, resolution) and a set of thematic stakes of your own choosing. Must cite If Beale Street Could Talk by James Baldwin and Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell You must focus on one principle; however, you can also choose to focus even more specifically on a sub-type, such as free indirect discourse or internal focalization. the following are a list of thematic stakes to choose from: RACIAL INEQUALITY GENDER ROLES TIME/TEMPORALITY RELIGION, blindly following, other options REINCARNATION NATURE, alienation from, other options OPPRESSION KNOWLEDGE, forbiddance of, other options DISENFRANCHISMENT CONSUMERISM POWER, abuse of, other options HUMANITY DEVELOPMENT, self (genre = Bildungsroman) SOCIETAL STANDARDS TECHNOLOGY, advancement of SOCIETY, degradation of, other options CANNIBALISM HIERARCHY, familial CLASS, difference, structure, other options WILL, will to power SELF-REFLECTION, introspection, etc. DISCRIMINATION CITIZENSHIP CAPITALISM INTIMACY/SEX IRONY (can be formal and thematic) FABRICATION (can be formal and thematic) BELONGING, cultural, social, etc. DEMOCRACY MUSIC LABOR/WORK JUSTICE IMMIGRATION DOMESTICITY WAR CREATION/CREATIVITY

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