Identify two health stakeholders-groups, organizations, employers, people who have an interest in the health of the community- and explain how and why they are stakeholders.

County assessment from data, people, and organizations: The CEO has asked you to assess population health opportunities in the county and make some general recommendations for FULTON COUNTY, GA, U.S. Look at county data, identify disparities, and compare it to state, national and global data. Identify key people and organizations. Summarize interviews with two or more people in the county. Based on your findings, provide your assessment on the county’s key issues, including key social and physical environmental factors and disparities. Identify 2 Healthy People 2030 objectives related to your findings. Describe your general recommendations for policy, program, and/or provider strategies toward achieving the selected HP2030 objectives. This is the heart of your memo. In this assignment, your unit of analysis and your “patient” is the county. You will present your findings in the below form. This assignment has several interconnected pieces, you need to use PRIMARY SOURCES and to cite sources for all statistics. Assignment details- Use the form 1. Executive summary: (key findings and recommendations) 2. County overview: Identify the county, with a brief description and introduction. Describe the county in general terms (urban, rural, affluent, low-income, mixed) 3. Data table: in the right column put in a link to the data source. This is not APA format but is OK for this assignment so you can focus on the data findings, interpretation of the data, and recommendations rather than the appropriate data citation. You will need the full citation in APA forma in the references. 4. Key people and organizations: This can be determined via internet exploration but in an actual APN role, you would immerse yourself in the community to find out more. This process might help you identify future partners or collaborators for improving health. o Identify two health stakeholders-groups, organizations, employers, people who have an interest in the health of the community- and explain how and why they are stakeholders. Think broadly, beyond health care providers. Who is affected by health outcomes directly and indirectly, to whom does it matter how healthy people in the area may be? o Identify two people or organizations that are influencers and decision makers in the community. Describe how they affect health factors in your county and briefly describe their role in promoting/protecting population health (again, think broadly). Describe how they influence health. o Additionally, talk to two people from the county, asking what they think are the key issues and what would help to make the county healthier. Describe who they are. The interviewees can be stakeholders, decision makers, shoppers, beauticians, garbage collectors, anyone in the county. 5. Your assessment of the health of the county and of any subgroups (or disparities) 6. Two or three HP2030 objectives related to your findings and assessment 7. Your recommendations, as general ideas, for strategies an APN might pursue to achieve the HP2030 objectives you identified. These can be: policy, services or program, and/or provider strategies to achieve the objectives. It is never just education, or others. USE THE ATTACHED FORM TO COMPLETE PROJECT. THANK YOU!

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