I believe I am competent of problem-solving, learning new information and techno

I believe I am competent of problem-solving, learning new information and technologies, and displaying enthusiasm and drive. I have room to grow in terms of exhibiting passion and willingness to take on new responsibilities.————————Word limit: 1000-1500 words. You will incur penalties if you exceed the word limit.Your report structure is outlined below:1. Introduction(around150-200words)You should include a hook, background and an outline.2. Careerdevelopment&employability(around400–600words) Choose two topics from the table below and then write about:a. What does this mean?b. Why is it important for employability or career development? c. What are some tips or strategies for developing this? (Remember to refer to the literature to support your points)Personal Branding Curriculum Vitae (CV) Networking Aptitude Testing3. AssessmentReflection(400-600)Step 1: Go to this website:https://nationalcareers.service.gov.uk/skills-health-check/your-assessmentsStep 2: Take ONE personal skills assessment and ONE work-based skills assessmentStep 3: Read your reports carefully and write your reflections on the results.In your reflections, you should:• explain which two assessment you chose and why• summarise the results of the assessment• explain how you will use these results for career development4. Conclusion(around150-200words) You should summarise your work5. ReferenceList(notincludedinthewordcount)List at least THREE references (sources) you used to write your essay.Refer to the sources from the OSHE READING LIST (find on WebLearn > Library)Essay question: Illustrate your gained knowledge on career development and reflect on how your assessmentresults could be applied to the workplace

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