Human Resources – Positional Analysis Project

Human Resources – Positional Analysis Project Human Resources – Positional Analysis Project Hello Paper help. I have greatly appreciated your work so far, as the material your writers have written have been great quality. This time, I have a large team project paper that I’d appreciate having your writers take on. Please see “Professor’s Project Guidelines” that I will be uploading. When writing up this project paper, please abide by the guidelines outlined in the “Professor’s Project Guidelines” document. I am also uploading an example of what this project paper should look like. It will be uploaded and named “Example Project.” For this paper, please utilize the requested maximum 15 pages limit by ONLY focusing on SECTION I all the way to the CONCLUSION (aka from pages 4 to 23 of the “Example Project”). We will also be uploading Appendances A, B, & C to use as supporting material to help craft this paper. Please only use Appendances A, B, & C as supporting material to craft the paper, please do not incorporate it at the end of the paper like as shown the “Example Project” paper. In other words, only REFERENCE Appendix A, B, & C, within the material of pages 4 through 23, when needed. Also add references when required for certain areas (page 34 of “Example Project”). In “Appendix A (Sales Rep Job Description)” use the ‘sales representative’ as the job description and use ‘Thermo Fisher Scientific’ as the company when writing the paper. In other words, use Sales Representative and Thermo Fisher instead of using “service advisor” and “BMW” as seen in the “Project Example”. Regarding data for area compensation (as seen on page 20 & 21 of “Example Project”), instead of using Asheville NC as research for area compensation data, please use the whole state of North Carolina for research for data on area compensation data. Helpful sites for researching this could be and

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