you have selected one of the two articles to base your analysis on, Please upload your introduction and first body paragraph for your critical analysis essay here. Do not submit your entire critical analysis essay. Only submit your introduction and first body paragraph. Make sure you read how to write a critical analysis before submitting your introduction and first body paragraph.Make sure your introduction provides brief background information on your selected article as well as includes a THESIS statement. The thesis MUST be the last sentence of the introduction and written as follows: The author uses x, y, z (list at least three types of rhetorical strategies) to deliver the message….Here is an example of how a thesis for a critical analysis paper should be written: In the short story, ” The Man in the Middle, William Doughty uses emotional appeals, logical reasoning, and sarcasm to prove that religion is relative to an individual’s spiritual upbringing.Things to consider:Does the introduction have an attention grabber?Does the introduction provide background information to understand the topic?Is the thesis clear and effectively written as the last sentence of the introduction?Does the body paragraph include a topic sentence relating to the first point in the thesis, transitions, examples, or evidence from the article as support?

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