How is the Gram stain used to classify bacteria? How do antibiotics inhibit the growth of bacteria?

**This assignment must be in APA 7th edition format.**The assignment should be in paragraph form using complete sentencesand avoiding bullet points and numbered list.**Use a Level 1 heading to separate your sections (Page 47 of the APAPublication Manual).**Title and reference pages do not count toward the total word or pagecount.**Textbook and outside sources need to be referenced and cited in thepaper.**Essays: (at least 300 words per prompt)PLEASE INCLUDE AN INTRODUCTION AND CONCLUSIONPARAGRAGH1. How is the Gram stain used to classify bacteria? How do antibioticsinhibit the growth of bacteria? Explain how carriers play an importantrole in the transmission of pathogens. Jan acquired a MRSA infectionduring a stay at a rehabilitation facility. Jan’s physician tells her that herMRSA was caused by S. aureus. How would you explain to Jan whatS. aureus is and how it can cause diseases?2. Lou had abdominal surgery. During his stay at the hospital a catheterwas inserted into his bladder. After returning home Lou was diagnosedwith a nosocomial infection. What are the principle routes of transmission of nosocomial infections? What can be done to prevent nosocomialinfections? What are three reasons why rates of nosocomial infectionsare markedly higher in developing countries? What are five things thatincrease the risk of nosocomial infection?3. What is the difference between a neoplasm, benign tumor, and malignant tumor? Identify four chronic infections that may cause cancer, and what cancer the infection might cause. Mr. Brown age 63 and Mrs. Brown age 61, are being seen in for a routine check-up. What cancer screeningsshould Mr. and Mrs. Brown receive (name at least 3 and why)?4. In Western societies, why is colorectal cancer the most commoncancer, but yet there has been a decline in the incidence and mortality ofcervical cancer over the last 40 years? Identify and discuss fournonspecific warning signs of cancer and which cancer the warning sign islinked to. Aaron is a 28-year-old who had an EBV infection during highschool. He noticed one of his lymph nodes in his neck is swollen but is not painful. He is also experiencing night sweats. What is a possiblediagnosis? Give some possible treatments for this diagnosis?

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