Health Promotion Program Design

Health Promotion Program Design Health Promotion Program DesignIn the Unit 5 assignment, you gave a brief overview of possible measures that could be used to address the specific health care concerns for your selected population. In this assignment, you will expand on those ideas by writing a comprehensive, holistic plan of health promotion and disease prevention that addresses the needs of individuals in your chosen population. First, identify the best health care promotion theory and best practices to use with your chosen population. Next, explain your health promotion plan and describe how it will be implemented, evaluated, and monitored. Include the following components in your assignment: Justify, based on researched evidence, the best health care promotion theory, practices and approaches to health care promotion, addressing the identified health care concerns in your chosen population. Discern how the holistic health promotion plan will promote quality patient outcomes and cost-effective health care. Describe the strategy for implementing the health promotion plan. Explain how you will monitor and evaluate the plan for quality improvement. Explain how the plan would affect and be adapted in at least two different health care delivery settings, such as acute care settings, ambulatory care settings, managed and integrated care settings, or other settings.

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