Green coffee bean

Green coffee bean Your job is to complete an investigation about one superfood product,  You need to prepare a 8 slide ppt of the product Make sure you have following information about your ppt 1. Back ground information on the product; describe what it is 2. Nutritional information on the product;(sugar, fat, fiber, protein, calories etc) made by product’s manufacturer(why do they say its a better choice for us, what will it do for us?) 4.what are the actual health effects of the product? Positive or negative(use your knowledge or nutrients to help you with this one) 5.the ingredients in it that make it a better choice, or supposedly make it effective 6.the drawbacks of the product 7. The general cost of the product 8. Your ultimate decision and justification about wether the product is worth its cost-(this is most significant part of your sheet!!!!!) 9. appropriate image at the first slide 10. apa format citation at the last slide

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