“Good People”

“Good People”  Write an essay in which you discuss how the topic of abortion is treated in Wallace’s “Good People”. Make sure to discuss the characters’ reactions and the author’s use of description, symbolism, and intent. Does the author appear to have a personal agenda or bias on this topic? You must use evidence from the story to support your analysis. Works Cited Page Is Required At least two sources are required – (one source may be your textbook) – You may use printed sources from the library and/or AVL sources only. Paper Must Be At Least Five Paragraphs in Length…May Be More If You Choose All Paragraphs Must Contain At Least 6 Complex Sentences – May Contain More if You Choose Assignment must be 5 paragraphs in length (equal 2 pages typed), paragraphs must contain at least 6 complex sentences, must use 3rd person viewpoint only (except in quotes), no contractions or informal language permitted, and must be MLA formatted.

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