Given your participation in this course, what type of counter-argument would you offer?

Two months after you complete this course you find yourself in a dispute with a friend, colleague, acquaintance, etc. who claims that mythology is nothing more than a pack of lies, falsehoods and imaginative stories that don’t serve any real purpose. Given your participation in this course, what type of counter-argument would you offer?Your assignment is to write a persuasive essay that illustrates mythology as a vibrant, important and entirely useful collection of stories that continues to assert a positive influence on the world today.Make sure that your language is passionate and make sure that you use information from the course material that we studied this term. Support your argument with AT LEAST one major content example from each of the modules that you completed this term – specific readings and videos.Please make sure that your content is clear, plausible and strongly defends the importance of mythology. Do your best to include the vocabulary and terms that have played an important role in this course. I want your answer, not a plagiarized answer. Remember the CWI format – make sure that you are thorough in your presentation. This is your opportunity to process everything you have learned during the term. Your paper must be AT LEAST 4 pages in length, typed and double-spaced. You do not need to use outside source material. Include a works cited page and cite your sources in the body of the paper for any specific information you include from a specific source.

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