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(Get Answer) – training and development Assignment 5Question 1According to Anthony, Anthony, Kacmar & Perrewe (1999) training and development are important aspects of business management. They carry some similarities as well as differences in the way they are executed. When applied to organizational performance, training is often considered to be a component of development. Training involves the information, skills as well as knowledge in people. The skills and knowledge have to be applied to different aspects of problem solving and enhancement of functions. Development is the use of skills that have been learnt by people via training into real work scenarios. Development is a continuous process that heavily depends on training. Therefore training is about attaining skills and knowledge while development is all about the application of these skills and knowledge to attain results (Griffin, 2008).Question 6Staffing is an important exercise in organizations. Many factors are considered by firms when they are undertaking the staffing exercise. When starting new initiatives, firms often acquire already experienced staffs in order to use their experience to lead the initiative. On the other hand organizations may choose to hire fresh employees and train them because the already trained employees often have higher demands which might strain the organization. Fresh employees also have fresh minds and thus more open to learning and more innovative as compared to already trained workers (Vaughn, 2005).Question 9Training programs are designed in order to help in improving the performance of employees thence boosting the performance of organizations. Therefore it is important for organizational managers to measure the benefits of training programs in order to establish whether training programs are bearing desired results to the organization. One way establishing the effectiveness of these programs is by setting the evaluation mechanisms to be used in establish the benefits that are being born out organizational training programs. By evaluation, the organizations note the strongpoints as well as gaps that exist in the implementation of these programs and their worth (Griffin, 2008).Question 3According to Deb (2006) there are different methods of implementing performance appraisal in firms. Common methods are personnel methods and the behavioral methods of appraising performance. Behavioral methods of performance appraisal center on modeling and shaping behaviors of employees to enhance their productivity. Personnel approaches center on improving the terms of work so that employees can be encouraged to increase their performance. Behavioral approaches can be attained by training and use of psychological approaches in order to put the employees in a better state of working. Personnel methods mostly center on organizational managers who work on improving the working conditions of employees (Griffin & Moorehead, 2012).Question 4Deb (2006) notes that performance appraisal is one of the methods that are being adopted in order to raise the quality of performance in firms. It centers on improving human resource practices of organizations. Human resource practices touches directly on organizational employees. The purpose of performance appraisal is thus to raise the quality of performance of employees through the use of performance enhancement practices. The practices aim at motivating employees thence encouraging them to put more effort in their work (Griffin & Moorehead, 2012).Question 5Griffin & Moorehead (2012) observe that performance appraisal is a component of performance management in organizations. Performance management forms one of the core processes of performance improvement in organizations. One of the basic needs in organizations is the evaluation of employee performance because this performance has a direct effect on organizational outcomes. This helps organizations to detect areas of weakness in employee performance. Performance appraisal is the means through which organizations assess, evaluate and devise strategies of improving the employees’ performance. Therefore, performance appraisal is often included in organizational strategies as organizations work on improving outcomes (Deb, 2006).

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