(Get Answer) – race and media

(Get Answer) – race and media Drawing on your research questions and thesis you will examine a site of study and how it is an example of the larger theoretical argument you’re making. Your site of analysis can range from being an advertising campaign, a film, media coverage of an event, etc. the purpose of the case study is to provide you with a specific example that you can refer to when you’re making a broader argument.This is a research paper, you are expected to conduct research, using a clear methodology that will generate “data” for you to discuss. In a sense your paper will be a presentation of the data that you’ve collected from your case study.You will be using this data to prove your thesis and use scholarly sources to substantiate how your findings line up with current academic research that examines similar or parallel problematics.-minimum 10 different scholarly / peer reviewed sources.I will upload pdf guidelines with more specific information.Please follow all the criteria accordingly, and mind the deadlines. I couldn’t give any extra time since its gonna be due.

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