(Get Answer) – IMPROVING ORGANIZATIONAL PERFORMANCE IOPM. Assessment Information and Marking Criteria Question/TaskAccess the following reports, it is available on the VLE,Sung, J. and Ashton, D. (2009) High Performance Working Practices: linking strategy and skills to performance outcomes. CIPD: London.Analyse the findings of this report and Choose TWO of the 10 case studies to base your essay upon. You are required to compare and contrast their approach to high performance work (HPW) and/or Performance Management (PM) practices.Choices/ options:I want you to analyse with the 2 case study I underline below (Case Study 1: Aspect Capital & Case Study 3: Data Connection)Case Study 1: Aspect CapitalCase Study 2: Bacardi & Martini UKCase Study 3: Data ConnectionCase Study 4: Flight CentreCase Study 5: i-LevelCase Study 6: Pannone & PartnersCase Study 7: Quest Diagnostics:Case Study 8: St. Luke’sCase Study 9: TimpsonCase Study 10: W L GoreChoose only TWO of these case studies, and justify your choice.The essay should include the following:1. An introduction to the companies you have chosen, and your rationale for choosing these in order to compare and contrast their approaches;2. A critical academic discussion of academic definitions of PM/HPW. Evidence of understanding of the conceptual framework that underpins PM; e.g motivation theory. A critical discussion of the role of the Line Manager;3. A discussion which compares and contrasts the application of FOUR of the following areas in the two chosen company approaches:ONLY choose FOUR AREAS to discuss• Integration with other HR practices• Commitment & Reward (Non-financial rewards and pay)• Employee Skills and Training needs• High Employee Involvement• Process of Performance Management: A Cycle of Expectations, Goal Setting, Support (Feedback & Coaching), Review, Analysis and Assessment• ManagingTeam Performance• Managing Organisational Performance (Roles of HR, Line Manager & under performance)4. A final conclusion to summarise the key points of the essay discussion, and makes the links of the theories discussed with practice.NO RECOMMENDATIONS ARE REQUIRED AS THIS IS A COMPARATIVE ESSAY4.1.1. Element 010 – Structured Essay Mark Learning Outcome1. Introduction: Aims and Objectives for the essay, Justification of organisational choices. 20% 1,2,32. Academic Discussion: Academic Definitions, Use of Conceptual Framework, Critical discussion of role of Line Manager 30% 1,2,33. Application, Analysis of comparison and contrast: Accurate presentation of 4 topics of evidence; logical development of argument; intelligent discussion to compare organisations; depth and detail; application of course material and reading; appropriate conclusions drawn 40% 1,2,34. Conclusion: A through summary of the main discussion, including the critical literature and arguments. 10% 1,2,3.ALL ESSAY SHOULD BE 3000 WORDS.

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