Frederick Douglass In-Class Exam Questions *For the Essay, you will choose to wr

Frederick Douglass In-Class Exam Questions*For the Essay, you will choose to write about 1 or more of the questions listed below, in an essay at least 800 words or longer.1. List 3-4 major turning points in Douglass’ life. For each turning point, describe how one of the other characters played either a negative or positive role in Douglass’s transformation.2. Describe Douglass’s account of the ways in which the system of slavery sustained itself. What were some of the ways, other than the use of force, that slaveholders used to repress enslaved people? How were they effective, or not effective in certain cases?3. Douglass is a master of rhetorical devices, such as the rule of 3, parallelism, repetition, diction, and contrast. Describe how he uses one or more of these techniques in order to create a vivid sense of the wickedness of slavery in the reader.4. Create your own question to answer.5. Education and reading play a major role in Douglass’ liberation, both inwardly and externally. Describe how this process works in the book for Douglass, using specific examples of his multi-stepped journey towards freedom.6. Douglass differentiates his understanding of Christianity from the Christianity the slaveholders practice. Describe his depiction of both forms of Christianity and how he points out the hypocrisy of Christian slaveholder.7. Douglass’ book played an important role in how Americans think about their country, both when it was published, and even today. Describe your interpretation of Douglass’s view of the United States. Is it a fundamentally optimistic or pessimistic view? Explain.8. In 1848, Frederick Douglass received votes for president, despite the fact that slavery was not fully abolished until 1865. Describe how you think Douglass would campaign for President today, and what his stance would be on at least two major political issues.

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