Format: Number your answer and follow APA formatting (double spaced with Calibr

Format: Number your answer and follow APA formatting (double spaced with Calibri or Times New Roman font), 3-4 pages, APA reference style (cover page, in-text citations, and reference page). This paper is worth 50 points; the grading rubric can be found on Canvas.I recommend choosing a topic that is the most interesting and meaningful to you, and of course, that you are willing to explore personally. Papers are turned in directly to me and not read by others.Describe the topic, concept, or theory. Provide an in-text APA citation. Then describe the cultural context and the situation (this is your behavioral description), include the people involved (change names if needed) that correspond to your topic. Explain the facts of what actually happened. This could be either a comfortable or uncomfortable situation for you.2. Explain your thoughts and your feelings. Note that thoughts are what you think, feelings are emotions and sensations; you do not feel “that”, you think that and you feel emotions. What was/is your interpretation?3. What were or are the consequences, the results, or the outcome of the situation to you, and to your relationship(s)?4. How can you apply what you have learned in this class to this situation? What could you change and do differently – according to the readings and your own insight – in a similar situation that would promote a continued or more beneficial outcome in yourself and to the relationship?5. What did you learn from this analysis about yourself? And, what are your future intentions for your cognitions (your thoughts), your behavior (how you act), and for your relationships (this can be broad: intimate, professional, community).

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