Finance Management

Finance Management DescriptionUse yahoo finance (Financials, statistics, etc. sections) to gather the following data and perform the related analysis to answer the following questions for one of the following companies :Apple, Amazon, Boing, Facebook or United States Steel.: 1- What is company Outstanding shares? 2- What is company market value? 3- what is its book value? 4- What is the beta for this company? 5- What is the risk free rate in your analysis? 6- what is Market premium? 7- What is cost of equity for the company? 8- What is its cost of debt (Total interest expense/ total debt)? 9- What is the leverage ratio D/(D+E) of the company? 10- What is WACC for the company? 11- What is company’s dividend policy? 12- What were company’s financing and investment last year. ( Writer can choose one of the company which one is easier . i do not mind. ) Write up your finding in a paper according to APA format as described in syllabus. Demonstrate the result clearly with help of tables etc

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