Fashion business

Fashion business Fashion business INSTRUCTIONS ON YOUR EXAM Group Presentation and 1500 words written report: Critical evaluation of the brand management strategies of a fashion or luxury brand. • Students will freely create 3 groups of 2-3 students each, and choose a brand from the following list: I WILL SEND YOU LATER a) Market analysis: i) description of the market in which the brand competes, from the demand side, both from a quantitative (size and trends) and from a qualitative (customers’ motivations, key business drivers) perspective; ii) competition analysis; Alessandro Balossini Volpe – Instructions on exam Page 1 of 3 iii) analysisofthemarketdistributionsystem,i.e.ofthemostcommondistributionchannels used by brands in the industry to reach their target customers. b) Brand Assessment: i) Brand Strategy: customer target and brand positioning; ii) Brand equity (awareness, image, loyalty); iii) Brand identity (Brand DNA; key differences between designed identity and perceived image, if any). c) Brand Management tools: i) Critically evaluate the recent collections (or product ranges) … ii) … and other brand management tools (i.e. advertising campaigns, choice of testimonials, collaborative design activities and co-branding, etc.) … iii) … assessing if and how they are consistent with the chosen brand’s DNA… iv) … and suggest hypothetical new activities, such as brand extensions, co-brandings, collaborative designs, etc., in order to enhance the chosen brand equity.

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