Explain how the social psychology theory chosen was present in the show

Psychology is in everything we do, say, and watch. Therefore, the purpose of this assignment is to identify and explain concepts from social psychology found in a TV show/series. You may choose a show on TV or a series from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or any other streaming service. For this assignment, I strongly encourage you to pick a TV series you are most familiar with and watch regularly. After you decide which TV show you will analyze, pick 1 episode, watch it, and take notes. If this is a series where the storyline continues from episode to episode, you may need to watch, take notes on, and reference the episodes before and after the one you picked to analyze. Next, identify at least 1 social psychology theory present in the episode, explain it, and explain how it is present within the show. Use the guidelines below to write your analysis.Include a 7th edition APA style student title page. A sample title page is available for you on Canvas.Make sure the title of your paper reads – TV Show Case Analysis: Name of Chosen TV ShowProvide an overview of the TV show. Make sure you introduce the main characters and provide some details about them.Provide the title of the episode you are analyzing and include the season and the episode number.Provide a review of the episode. Tell me what happened in the episode you watched.Identify the social psychology theory that was present in the episode you watched. Explain the theory in your own words. Make sure you include a citation from your textbook.Explain how the social psychology theory chosen was present in the showInclude a 7th edition APA style Reference page. This page will have a minimum of 1 reference

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