Essay on “Straw Dogs” By John Gray

Essay on “Straw Dogs” By John Gray Essay on “Straw Dogs” By John Gray In Straw Dogs, Gray offers a polemical rebuttal to many of the ideas and ideals we’ve been considering from the history of the attempt to theorize about human nature. In general, he finds these ideas and ideals to be merely illusions that we hold on to to avoid face the hard truths about what it means to be a human being. Some of these illusions are harmless, some more harmful, but all of them distract us from what Gray thinks we should be doing, “…discover[ing] which illusions we can give up, and which we will never shake off” (p. 83). Discussion Paper Instructions Summarize Gray’s findings about our ‘human natures,’ in both its positive and negative senses, and then use this summary to discuss Gray’s conclusions about morality. Finally, evaluate Gray’s claims, particularly those about morality. Do you agree with Gray? Argue in favor of your assessment using the resources of Straw Dogs or any of our other course texts. In 4-6 pages, respond as completely as possible to the above. Use whatever resources are available to you, including the class text, notes, etc. Your paper should have a strong thesis, clear structure, well-supported analysis, and solid mechanics (grammar, spelling, and sentence structure). Consult the rubric linked below for writing tips and to understand how you will be graded.

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