English UK The assignment is divided into two parts. PART 1(2000 WORD LENGTH): R

English UKThe assignment is divided into two parts.PART 1(2000 WORD LENGTH): Reflects on coaching and mentoring session with a client.In reflecting on, evaluating and critiquing my coaching-mentoring sessions, use the relevant theories to explore, explain andjustify the approach I had chosen to use for my sessions and theassumptions I held as I planned and delivered them. To draw up core principles, use Jenny Rogers, coaching- mentoring frameworks e.g. Brockbank and Mc Gill’s quadrant, models e.g. GROW models and the various tools and techniques that exist e.g. those relating to SMART goals, questioning, language, scaling etc. Also,you can bring in the theories that relate to these coach-mentoring e.g. around reflectionand dialogue, psychological perspectives e.g. around unconditional positiveregard.PART 2()In terms of the balance of words in each section, please allow 2000 words for Part 1, 1000 words for Part 2. then use the remaining 500 words to complete your introduction and conclusion.Based on your experiences from the coach-mentoring sessions and other learning experiences on this module more generally, identify and justify what will you need to do next to take your own development in coach-mentoring practice forward over the next 12 months. As in part 1 make reference to relevant literature e.g. on coach/mentoring skills, theory/approaches, development to inform your self assessment and plans for self development

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