Emerging Issues in Health Care Management Select one emerging health issue from

Emerging Issues in Health Care ManagementSelect one emerging health issue from Chapter 17 in your textbook:Vaccine Preventable DiseasesBioterrorismHuman TraffickingViolence in Health Care SettingsMedical TourismPresent a 12 – 15 slide PowerPoint on the emerging health issue you picked. The number of slides exclude the title and reference pages. Substantial Speaker Notes are required throughout the entire presentation. Below you will find articles with more info on speaker notes.Discuss the potential impact of the issue on a health care organization.Analyze the potential risks of the issue on a health care organization.Propose strategies for addressing the issue in health care settings.Examine the role of the health care manager for the health issue.Reference your readings and include a minimum of 5 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar articles.Format your PowerPoint according to APA guidelines.Review attached Grading Rubric, Presentation Tips, and Articles on Speaker NotesActions

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