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Correct the following quiz questions in the word document I uploaded. ( We already know which questions I got right, which questions I got wrong, and what the correct answer is for those that I got wrong, so the only thing you should do is to explain the answers) What to do: 1. Copy and paste the ACTUAL QUIZ QUESTION AND CHOICES for each missed problem.2. Beneath each question/choices, explain why each WRONG answer is INCORRECT and why the CORRECT answer is CORRECT. You can do this using words, math, and/or graphs.Here is an example of how to do it: 7. Economics is  A. the science of money  B. the science of choice (my answer)  C. the science that deals with the allocation of scarce resources  D. Both B and C (correct!)Explanation:While economics uses money at times to measure things, it is not the science that studies it. However, it does study how incentives can allow for differing allocation of scarce resources. The TL;DR of that is just choice. As such, both B and C are correct, and so the best answer is D.

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