•    Each and every person on this planet arguably has an idea of how to improve

•    Each and every person on this planet arguably has an idea of how to improve his immediate surroundings; you, as examples, might wish that the room you’re in was a different temperature, or you might wish that you didn’t have to write the paper that this prompt introduces.  Given that, I would also argue that each person on this planet has ideas concerning how to improve her household, town, country, or possibly even the world has a whole; as examples, you might have an excellent strategy to replant and maintain trees in urban societies, or you might believe that a global government would work better than our current system.  So these ideas can exist on both the micro and the macro level.•    Essentially, then, what I am asking you to do for this assignment is to explore your image of an ideal you think would be beneficial to you and others around you.  Choose something that is important to your life and times, a real issue / problem you can reach toward solving.•    Given that, there are many approaches you might take to writing this paper: you could present a problem and your solution for it (maybe you have some fantastic technological advances that will revolutionize bathrooms, trash removal, human relations, technology, hunger, a specific social issue, etc.); you could start from scratch and revamp the political system, the government, religion, your neighborhood, the education system, your household, etc.; you might explore what our society would be like if a historical event had not happened (911, the Vietnam War, a particular hurricane, etc.), or the contrary, that is, what the world would be like if other disasters continue to happen.  To be clear, this bullet lists examples or possibilities, not limitations. •    The bottom line is that I want you to explore the ideas that are the most important and central to your life and how you might reconsider them.•    Get specific.•    Find and convince a specific audience to understand your perspective, and use pertinent research to support / make your claims.•    You are welcome to select the point of view / perspective (1st, second, etc.), but be consistent in its application.•    You are welcome to take this paper in any of a number of directions.  The above-mentioned examples are only a few ideas that you might utilize when preparing your research and organizing your paper: ultimately, the final decision on what you do and how you do it is up to you.  If you have an idea you are unsure about, please be sure to contact me before you begin any major effort therein.

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