Ducati Motors

Ducati Motors The task is to prepare a business report regarding as a consulting company tasked to investigate the possibility of the proposed projects by Ducati Motors and to provide alternatives if necessary. It should be presented as a formally formatted business report that is evidence-based and that provides visualizations and dashboards to summarise written arguments. It should include the following: • An analysis of the challenges and opportunities as well as the competitive conditions surrounding the industry in Australia. • Identify the strategies, goals, current systems and potential systems and present these findings in a strategic alignment table which is then explained in a narrative as part of the body of the report. • Classify any proposed systems, using the application portfolio matrix as support, key operational, strategic and/or high potential and provide a rationale for your classification. • Explain how Ducati’s Value chain activities can be improved using technology and indicate how the proposed system/s may help improve the financial position of Ducati in Australia. • Provide recommendations to Ducati’s board of directors regarding the achievement of competitive advantage in the future. Also please provide a title page, an executive summary addressing the purpose of the report, key findings, and recommendations in brief format. Provide a table of contents automatically generated, a formal introduction the body of the report, conclusions and recommendations, and any appendices after the list of references which will include a minimum of 6 references from peer-reviewed sources or from technology companies’ white papers (IBM, Google, MIT etc..)

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