Doctorate level paper that needs graphs included Willl you be able to use the si

Doctorate level paper that needs graphs includedWilll you be able to use the site that she said we had to use? I would like my paper written on Hofstra University.Using data from IPEDS, analyze five years of financial trends at your institution. Create graphs or charts to visually present the trend data for the following areas:Annual Tuition and Fees (for a full-time student)Full- and Part-time Instructional StaffFull- and Part-time Management StaffPercent of Revenue by SourcePercent of Budget Spent on InstructionFor each area, write a brief paragraph (4-6 sentences) to explain your interpretations of the data. What does the data reveal about your institution and the current education marketplace? What are your impressions of the data?Write a concluding paragraph summarizing what the data reveals about your institution based on the information you gathered for this assignment and other resources you may have access to, such as annual budget reports. Also, make 2-3 recommendations for improving the financial well-being of your institution in the future. You could also speak to the value of collecting such data and using it to evaluate and compare institutions.

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