DNA Fact Sheet

DNA Fact Sheet  After learning about DNA in this module, you will be creating a fact sheet using the information you have acquired in this DNA module. Your job is to do research using the library database or Google Scholar to find a gene that codes for human disease. Find at least one media article and one peer-reviewed journal article on your gene and disease. Create a Fact Sheet that explains what the gene is, what protein is codes for, how it actually causes the disease, what are the symptoms, treatment and prognosis of the disease. Also mention if there are genetic tests for this disease and explain how it works If there is no genetic test then how is this disease diagnosed. What is the most important information the public should know about this gene and disease? The idea behind creating a fact sheet is to inform the general public about an issue – we will target your peer group of students. So, assume your audience will have a limited scientific background. Your task is to make the science you researched understandable, you need to use the sources you researched in your fact sheet. Your fact sheet can include images or graphs and can be a maximum of 2 pages. Here is a link to an example of what a fact sheet typically looks like. Requires components of the fact sheet: Heading Brief 1 paragraph summary of the topic Key facts (these can be bullet points) Summary: what consumers should know (either a few bullet points or short paragraph) References cited (complete citations go here, small font okay, should be cited in text too)

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