Discussion Communication And Team Decision Making

 Primary Post Assignment: Communication and Team Decision Making (400 + words):Part 1: Sharpening the Team Mind: Communication and Collective IntelligenceA.    Name 3-4 possible biases and points of error that may arise in team communication systems? In addition to those cited in the opening of Chapter 6, what are some other examples of how team communication problems can lead to disaster?B.      Revisit communication failure examples in Exhibit 6-1. Identify the possible causes of communication or decision-making failure in each example, and, drawing on the information presented in the chapter, discuss  measures that might have prevented problems from arising within each team’s communication system.Part 2: Team Decision-Making: Pitfalls and SolutionsA.    What are the key symptoms of groupthink? What problems and shortcomings can arise in the decision-making process as a result of groupthink? B.    Do you think that individuals or groups are better decision-makers? Justify your choice. In what situations individuals would be more effective decision-makers than groups, and in what situations  groups would be better than individuals?> Support your work with specific citations. Respond to post (reply.txt) in one of the following ways:(200+ words) • Share an insight from having read your colleagues’ postings, synthesizing the information to provide new perspectives.• Make suggestions based on additional evidence drawn from readings or after synthesizing multiple postings.

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