Discuss the connection between privacy and property

Discuss the connection between privacy and property Paper detailsEssay QuestionsPick one topic from section A and one topic from B and write a three-page paper on each. Papers should be double-spaced and single-sided. Section ATopic 1Using events in Bad Blood or Chaos Monkeys and Goldman Sachs’ decision to demand a dollar-for-dollar match for their credit default swaps from AIG (Griftopia), discuss the relationship between rationality and ethics in the business world. Is what is ethical always rational? Is what is rational always ethical? If not, what are the implications for businesses and business professionals working and competing in the business world? Should what is rational and what is ethical always align?Topic 2Using Bad Blood or Chaos Monkeys, Griftopia, and Heart of Darkness, discuss the issue of exploitation, existential thresholds, and “cannibalization.” Does competition and success involve, at some level, “the law of the jungle” and a willingness to extract and exploit resources at someone else’s expense? Why or why not? Can people like Holmes or Martinez avoid moral responsibility if they “hire” someone like Kurtz or Barry to “get the job done?” Section BTopic 1Consider Martinez’s criticisms of Silicon Valley and his claim that tech start-ups are chaos monkeys and VCs and angel investors are the ones that feed them bananas. Using Chaos Monkeys and Owned, discuss the relationship between technology, start-ups, property, and privacy. Why is Silicon Valley celebrated while Wall Street is demonized? Is one “creative” and “innovative” while the other is “destructive?”Topic 2Discuss the connection between privacy and property. In Owned, Fairfield suggests that the two go together and that, in this digital age of licensing and software copyrights, we are becoming digital peasants. Using what Martinez reveals in Chaos Monkeys, discuss why you think Fairfield is wrong or right. What ethical boundaries should companies observe in relation to big data and its monetization?

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