Discuss performance appraisal and important issues related to it in the public sector

·Carefully review the course textbook·After doing so, you need to answereach of the following seven (7) questions:1.Describe the politico-administrative environment of public personnelmanagement2. Explain personnel management law and the legalrights and obligations of public employees3. Discussbest practices when recruiting and selecting human talent in the public sector4.Discuss position management and important issues related to it in the public sector5. Discuss the elements of a compensation package and important issues related to it in thepublic sector6. Compare and contrast publicemployee training and development strategies7.Discuss performance appraisal and important issuesrelated to it in the public sector·You need to include each of the questions thatyou are answering (in bold) beforeeach of your answers (not in bold). Please do not include all the questionstogether and then answer all of them in one answer.·In your answers,you need to include references tothe aforementioned readings/materials (including my classnotes and leadership article).Criteria1. Accuracy: Each answer accurately addresses each of the questionsasked.2.Thoroughness: Each answer demonstrates extensive, in depth knowledge of publicmanagement issues.3.Clarity and expression: Each answer is clear and easy to follow. Paragraphs within answers includeshort topic sentences and clear transitions to tie paragraphs together.4.Summary: Each answer conciselyand accurately summarizes key concepts, theories, themes, issues, and ideas raised in the assignedreadings/materials.5.Paraphrasing: Each answer avoidsquoting directly from the assignedreadings/materials andexpresses what is written in them using different words. In doing so, propercredit is given to the author(s) by including in-text references.6. Opinion and experience: Each answer includesthe student’s personalopinion (in no more than 75-100 words per answer) supported by anexample(s) from the student’s own professional experience or from recentdevelopments in the public sector (in no more than 100-150 words per answer).7.Length: Eachanswer is no less than 600 words inlength (including your opinion and experience). Word count for (1) each answer (including opinion/experience discussion) and for(2) each opinion/experience discussion within each answer is included at the end of each answer under the headings “TotalWord Count” and “Opinion/ExperienceWord Count” (in bold).8. Each Response must contain an in-text book citation/reference.

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