Directions: This assignment has one part. There is only one question that is wor

Directions:This assignment has one part. There is only one question that is worth 40 points. The total grade is 40 points.This is a statutory analysis that can be addressed in a one- to two- page, single-spaced essay.Essay (40 points)In this part of the assignment, you will analyze a hypothetical video game statute that has been passed into law and signed by the state’s governor. You are the judge who must decide whether the law is constitutional. You will need to apply the applicable legal tests or doctrines discussed in this lesson in your one- to two- page, single-spaced essay.Be sure to discuss why a particular test or doctrine is appropriate.PUBLIC ACT NO. 235The Legislature of the state of Catatonia finds and declares all of the following:Exposing minors to depictions of violence in video games, particularly atrocious violence, makes minors lethargic, less apt to study, and more likely to become obese.The state has a strong interest in preventing in such physical and psychological harms in its youth who play violent video games.Sec. 1. A person may not sell or rent a violent video game to a minor, defined as a person under the age of 18 years.“Violent Video Game” is defined as a game where the player virtually inflicts a high degree of pain by torture, torments, harasses physically or psychologically or abuses his victim, resulting in major injuries, severe mental trauma or death.Sec. 2. Anyone convicted under Section 1 shall be liable for criminal penalties not to exceed one year in prison and fines of $5,000.Penalties against a person convicted under this section may be doubled if the violence in the video game was especially shocking or depraved.

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