Designer analysis: Nina Ricci

Designer analysis: Nina Ricci Project Objective: The purpose of this assignment is to use the research materials available about the fashion business to develop a profile of a designer. You will gain an understanding of the specific style, influences and place in history of a specific designer. Procedure:Each designer has had a strong impact on fashion throughout their careers. Research will explore influences and the contributions to the movement of fashion. Major areas to research and report on are: Introduction: A short account of the designers life and career. Include important dates.Use credible fashion sources , such as Vogue Archives ,for this information. Use visuals and a written account to explain the design philosophy and aesthetics associated with the designer. Set the stage of historical perspective with socio-economic, political or specific events or people which may have influenced this designer. Cite designers who have influenced or been influenced by this designer. Bibliography should be no less than 6 properly cited sources. Necessary Components Checklist: Table of contents All elements cited above Conclusion Bibliography

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