Describe why you chose your specific city over all of the cities you researched for this project:

Learning Goal: I’m working on a geography case study and need support to help me learn.Final Project Presentation – INST 115 100 PointsStudents will create a presentation summarizing their cities research. Students will present and discuss their data and ultimately select their ideal city to live and work in based on their findings and personal preferences. The presentation should include analysis of their data to demonstrate why they chose their specific city over the other two cities.The Final Project Presentation will be posted to the course website for other students to view. To “present” their work, students must upload their file or link to the appropriate discussion board forum. No audio or video recording required – just a PowerPoint slide show or other similar presentation mode. Afterward, students will be able to view all presentations in the discussion forum and will be required to leave feedback for at least three of their peers. See rubric for detailed grading criteria.PRESENTATION FORMAT✓ PowerPoint, Prezi, or other format with instructor approval (student may choose format) ✓ General guidelines (see rubric for specific grading criteria):o Well-organizedwithlogicalandclearflowofcontento Freeofgrammarandspellingerrorso Appropriatelayout&formatting(readabletextfontandsize,appropriate&non-distractingcolorchoices & graphics, etc.)PRESENTATION REQUIREMENTSINTRODUCTION OF ALL CITIESInclude the following data for all three selected cities:✓ ID your occupation choice and three selected cities✓ Include table of employment & wage data collection for cities✓ Geographic coordinates for three selected cities✓ Maps of the cities using Google Maps or Google Earth (satellite imagery) ✓ Total population of citiesTOP CITY PREFERENCE TO LIVE/WORK INProvide the following information for the single city you chose as your top preference:✓ ID your preferred city✓ Physical Geography and hazards for city ✓ Climate and weather data✓ Cultural Geography data✓ Political Geography data✓ Economic Geography dataWHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR SELECTED CITY?Describe why you chose your specific city over all of the cities you researched for this project:Tell us why the city appealed to you. Compare it with the other cities based on the research and data you collected for each city. This includes the employment and wage data as well as the other geographic data you collected and analyzed. (For example, you could discuss pros and cons, discuss push and pull factors, etc.) Within this section, don’t forget to describe and discuss specific aspects you liked about your city and what you did not like about the other cities.FUTURE CHALLENGES FOR YOUR SELECTED CITY?You might have to do some additional research for this section…Based on what you have learned about your city and course content discussed over the semester, describe potential concerns and issues the city might have in the near and long-term future. (For example, consider any current hazards or hazards that might worsen over time. Any impacts from climate change? Any impacts from human development or other human activity? Sustainable growth and development plans? Etc.) You might have to do some additional research for this section.In addition, describe how any of those challenges might impact your decision to stay in the city.Finally, are there any changes that you hope to see in the city that would make it more appealing to you and/or encourage you to stay in the city in the long-term?CITATIONS✓ Must include citations for data or any direct quotes on slides as appropriate ✓ Include a final references slide at the end of your presentationPEER FEEDBACK (Included in Final Project Presentation grade)✓ Provide constructive feedback and/or comments to at least three classmates’ projects***INFORMATION REGARDING CITATIONS FOR THIS PROJECT***REMEMBER: USE YOUR OWN WORDS — PARAPHRASE & AVOID PLAGARISM! PROVIDE IN-TEXT CITATIONS FOR DIRECT QUOTES, TABLES, CHARTS, AND ANY GRAPHICS or other MEDIA! You cannot copy/paste information from other sources as your own work. If you have any questions, concerns, or need clarification, please ask the instructor.For this project, you may copy/paste website links as your citations on your final references slide. If you have questions, please contact the instructor.Images/Maps:You do not need to source generic software clipart placed in your presentation.If you use an image from the internet in your presentation, place reference in a text box under your image. Cite it depending on your reference type:Websites: Copy and paste weblink Written sources (books):Author(s) last name, year published, page #. For example: Moore, 2017, p. 1.Electronic sources (software):Publisher, year published.For example: Google Maps, 2020.

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