Describe how to manage ambiguity in resolving ethical conflicts.

750 wordsThis assignment focuses on a case study, The Case of Marie, which you  completed as a part of this unit’s studies. This case involves an  ethical dilemma with a diverse family, and the dilemma itself, like most  ethical issues in group work, is potentially two-fold:The dilemma among the group members, as well as the content and manner of their communication with you.The ethical dilemma within yourself, as you examine your own  natural preferences and biases in the context of the group and its  needs.At all levels of social work practice (micro, mezzo, and macro),  the diversity of personal preferences and biases always presents the  possibility of ethical compromise. Combined with potential ethical  issues within the diverse situations, beliefs, and actions of the group  members themselves, any given situation can quickly become ethically  clouded.By successfully completing this assignment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following competencies and behaviors:Competency 1: Demonstrate ethical and professional behavior.

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