Decrease the amount of tv viewing and

Assignment #2: Research Question and Aim of paper:Students full namePanther ID #1234567Florida International UniversityHSA 4700: Quality and Evidence- Based Healthcare Services; Section RVCDr. Carol Biggs01/01/2021Title: The impact of TV advertisements on elementary school children’s consumption (eating)behaviors.P=School age children with unhealthy consumption (eating) behaviorsI-School Nutrition education intervention programsC=Community nutrition programs for school aged childrenO= Nutritional consumption behavior change. Decrease the amount of TV viewing andexcessive TV ads/commercials that are aimed at children. As it greatly influence what theychoose to eat which can contribute to obesity.Research Question(s): What is the public health implication of TV advertisements onelementary school-age children’s consumption (eating) behaviors?Assignment #2 Research Question.docx

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