Deciding to buy a house VS Rent a house

Deciding to buy a house VS Rent a house Conduct a sample survey using any of the methods and prepare a slide presentation (ppt). all surveys are to be done by direct observation or from sampling from a database and will not involve any interaction with subjects.1. Introduction: this section gives information about the population to be sampled, what will be measured, and why the sample is being taken. What is the research question?2. Sampling Design: Identify the key terms what are the elements, population, sampling units, and frame? What sampling designs did you consider (list more than just your final choice), and which design did you choose? Explain why you chose your design.3. Methods, Implementation Details: How did you draw your random sample? Attach a copy of key sections of computer code if you used R, SAS, or some other program. 4. Analysis: Include one or more graphical displays of your data. Present the results of your analyses, with clear explanations. 5. Conclusion: Interpret your results and give conclusions about your research question. Mention any new insights you had about sampling while doing the project.

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