Criminal Justice Ethics Scenerio

Criminal Justice Ethics Scenerio Criminal Justice Ethics ScenerioFrom a criminal justice practitioners point of view, considering the geopolitical, ethical, social, and economic associated issues and their impact. Select a real-life incident (Jussie Smollett), covered by the media in the past 12 months that has over-arching ethical considerations involving a criminal justice entity. Once you have selected an incident, you are to play the role of a criminal justice administrator in charge of the agency identified in that incident. You are tasked with investigating the incident and detailing your findings back to the governmental body in which you report. Your superiors are questioning how this could happen and whether or not there is a policy in place to avoid future occurrences. Your final report to your superiors should include the following: Summarize the details of the incident. Is there a current policy pertaining to the described behavior? If so, outline the policy. Was there a legal violation in addition to any ethical considerations? What are the likely moral and ethical reactions from the public? Describe in detail your policy recommendations to ensure that a similar incident does not occur in the future. As you work through this project, you must use each of the ethical models (virtue, formalism, and utilitarianism) for building your case.(Formalism is the dominate perspective)

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