COMPANY PROFILE Assessment Details: The focus of this report is on the need of information systems within a company of your choice. In this report, you are required to select a company and a product of your choice that has an information system focused. The company needs to have a strong profile of employing information systems to support its business strategy. The information systems chosen need to help the company gain competitive advantage. The report should focus on how information systems contribute to the success of the company. It is important that you identify three alternative information systems solutions and provide explanation on the viability of each of the alternative solutions. You need to provide a cost-based for each of the three alternatives. Your analysis should also discuss the distinction between in house development and outsourcing components. The report requires identifying an acquisition, rollout and management plan for one of the information system alternatives. Students need to justify why is there a need for an IS in their selected company, why they have selected IS product for this project. Other relevant information about the case project such as company profile and product selection, case need analysis, three alternatives IS products, strategies of acquisition plan should be presented. Students are also required to present their report in the report format provided.

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