Claim of fact,poilcy, or value on beggars in spain book

Claim of fact,poilcy, or value on beggars in spain book For this paper, you will present an argument: a claim of fact, policy, or value, depending on the issue/controversy you choose to explore. You must skillfully present an informed, reasoned, and persuasive argument, a claim that captures the best perspective currently available for your issue. Purpose: You will select an issue to explore from Beggars in Spain, come up with a claim backed by reasoning and evidence, argue your issue from the fictional context of the novel using analogies from the real world to back up your reasoning, and provide a refutation. Your reasoning and evidence will come from the novel and from the real world (outside sources). BS needs to be a part of every step. Meaning, you will back up your claim with reasons from BS and your evidence will come from BS and outside sources (sometimes the evidence will be from a source, but other times it will come from your own cleverly written analogies and/or prior knowledge).

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