Christianity in Vietnam

Christianity in Vietnam Christianity in Vietnam This is the continue part of the previous essay. In this essay, you have to apply your own perspective, interpretation of the raw data found in the Annals of propagation of faith. From that data, what do you agree, modify, or dispute with other scholars in the previous literature review. This second part will be the essay that is gonna link it and the previous paper together. I’m including 2 samples of Lit. Review and outline for the paper. The paper attached is a Literature Review that I already wrote. and here is an instruction for it: My teacher requires 6-7 pages of Chicago style, this will be about Christianity in Vietnam. You basically find out the topic in the “Annals of the Propagation of the Faith” page 199-208(link down below) (this is your primary source). after that, you are gonna research other secondary sources about that topic and reference what other authors, scholars or group of scholars’ opinion about that topic (always write the name of the author in the essay) it is required to have – you can’t use 1 author twice for different subtopics – I have included some sources in the paper. One is an encyclopedia and one is a book which is required for this assignment. You can add sources. I am also including my outline, but there are mistakes with the Chicago formatting. I am including pictures of graded paper, it requires some changes and modifications my professor made. please request more money for the editing part.

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