Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence Business IntelligenceWrite 2 separate essays. 2 pages for each one. On the same instructions.***** Consider the following situation: Kelly Sanders owns Verve, a high fashion boutique retailing in exclusive clothes, jewelry, and other accessories. Verve also sells a select range of bags and shoes. Kelly had to work very hard to find a niche among its elite clients. Earlier, she used to have a personal rapport with each client, knew their taste, their shopping history at Verve, and so on. However, the clientele of Verve has grown so large that Kelly is finding it difficult to keep track of her customers. Kelly is concerned that this may negatively affect her business. You are a consultant specializing in business intelligence for small businesses. Kelly has approached you with her problem. She mentions that she has all sorts of data in her sales database, but she doesn’t know how to get out the information that she needs. In an essay, explain how Kelly could use RFM and OLAP to make Verve more successful.

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