BUS300 Final Paper and Project Requirements

BUS300 Final Paper and Project Requirements Requirements: 1.       APA Format o   Cover page, o   abstract page, o   works cited page (in APA style) o   header and page numbers o   OPTIONAL – appendix (if needed)  2.       Length – 4-6 pages double spaced (NOT including cover page, abstract page, works cited, and optional appendix) 3.       Sources– You need a minimum of 4 credible sources cited both in-text and on your works cited page.  o   Two of these sources MUST be either “original research” or “scholarly” in nature.  Scholarly indicates that your research came from a peer-reviewed journal/publication that was written by scholarly authors.  A couple of the topics may not have many of “scholarly” publications, but you can find “original research” which means that the research comes directly from the source (or a very close/credible secondary resource).  The group project page in our Moodle course has a “chat with the librarian” discussion forum in which you will seek approval of your two scholarly or original sources with the Midstate Librarian.   Content: Your paper should have two major pieces: 1.       Overview of your case/topic (roughly 2 pages) a.       Introduction of three to four topics you discussed and found interesting in this course b.       Include the research you conducted on your topic c.       Important dates, people, concepts etc.  d.       Written like a typical research paper 2.       Real-world implications (roughly 2 pages) a.       You may call this something else as it makes sense to your individual topics b.       Discuss how the research and application above can be used in modern organizations.  Why and how is this important for real businesses in today’s world? c.       Discuss how your research and application above have provided you with new knowledge/skills/tools to apply in your current and/or future roles in business.  ·         For example, in using the Critical Thinking example from Chapter 6, you could discuss how your newfound knowledge of an adjustment message to aid in the regaining of trust of a customer will allow you to become a better manager.  Click here to request for this assignment help

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